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Loca (forename/surname unknown) is a fictional character and psuedo-protagonist of That '90s Show. Loca was introduced in the pilot, and has a rocky relationship with all three protagonists. Ironically, the only person Loca really connects with is similarily cynical Katie Sanders. She is portrayed by June La Porta.


Loca appears to be an amalgam of Steven Hyde, Fez, and Leo from the show's source material, That '70s Show. As a result, her country of origin is unknown (although it has been hinted that it is Mexico). Loca is introduced in the pilot episode, MTV, where she steals Andrew's bike and rides away with it. It is also revealed that she stole his shoes. In a strange coincidence, the group meets her again, where she agrees to give back the bike, but not the shoes. Later, she goes back to Sarah's with the group, where they smoke marijuana in a parody of a That '70s Show staple, "The Circle". They read about an MTV music video contest, and decide to submit something in hopes of winning.This seems to draw them closer, and Loca, along with everyone else, stays the night. However, her change of heart soon desintigrates, and she shaves Andrew's long hair while he sleeps. Andrew asures her that he will get her back much worse, and although she buys him a present so he will not retaliate, he insists he is planning something terrible. However, he nevers gets the chance, as the group learns that they lost the MTV music video contest. When the put in the tape to find out why, we learn that the tape simply consisted of Loca dancing, instead of their original tape.

In the next episode, Loca's accent has somewhat subsided, the group decides to camp outside, but find it difficult to build the tent. As a sign that they have become closer, Loca dances with Gillz and Sarah in an elaborate musical sequence, although this does nothing to help build the tent. However, when they do finally get the tent built, Loca and Gillz leave to "use the bathroom". However, they reveal that their intent was to scare Andrew and Sarah, and they put on Jason and Ghostface masks respectively. When Loca bursts into the tent, Andrew and Sarah are leaning in very close. Loca proceeds to interogate them with Gillz, and finds that Sarah was simply leaning in to hear a secret. Satisfied with that explanation, Loca does not follow Andrew and Sarah when they leave together and agree to have a secret relationship.


-June La Porta was the only actress to adopt a new name for her character. Sarah and Andrew kept their forenames, and Faith kept her name (and nickname) entirely.

-June La Porta stated in an in-character interview on December 19th, 2009 that Loca's real name is Catalina Gonzales.