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Faith Gillen and June La Porta in the episode.

MTV was the pilot episode of That '90s Show, and the small-screen debut of it's four stars, June and Sarah La Porta, Faith Gillen and Andrew Nicotra.


Faith Gillen (Faith Gillen) and Sarah Forman (Sarah La Porta) patiently wait for their friend, Andrew Newton (Andrew Nicotra), to arrive, so they can go and get some food at Sev's. However, Andrew, riding his bike, accidentally crashes, inconveniently next to Loca (June La Porta), who steals his bike, money and shoes. When he finally arrives, he and the girls go to Sev's anyway, where they coincidentally find Andrew's bike. Faith decides to get it back for him, however, in the process, she befriends Loca, who agrees to return the bike, but not the shoes or money. Andrew accepts this, and they all return to Sarah's house, where they smoke marijuana. This brings them all closer together, and they decide to enter an MTV music video contest. However, they lose track of time, and as a result are forced to spend the night at Sarah's. During the night, Loca maliciously gets up and cuts all of Andrew's hair off. When Andrew awakes, he is devestated, and promises to get back at Loca. However, he never gets the chance to retaliate, as the group's music video is returned, indicating that they lost the competition. However, when they start the tape, they find that it simply consists of Loca dancing, and not the collaborative tape that they made.


June La Porta as Loca

Faith Gillen as Faith "Gillz" Gillen

Sarah La Porta as Sarah Forman

Andrew Nicotra as Andrew Newton

The Episode[]

get roasted boi IT DOESNT WORK[]


Production began in late March, 2009, created by June La Porta, who, a self-profesed "90s kid" invisioned a series that, like That '70s Show, parodied the fads and mindset of the decade. Initially, June's character was "Janet", the stoner, and she and Sarah shot several scene tranistions in-character. However, June's character soon evolved into Loca, the Fez counterpart. The pilot was shot on-location in Long Island. It was released on April 4th.


-The credits list Andrew as "Andrew `Fig` Newton". This nickname, however, was never mentioned, and has since disapeared.

-When Andrew's hair is shaved, he inexplicably decides to stop wearing his sunglasses as well, and they have not appeared since then.