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1997's Beauty Pageant was a past event mentioned by Sarah Forman and Faith Gillen in the minisode "Kaity Sanders". While ti is unknown how large of an event it was, it was enough to cause Sarah Forman to doubt her clothing choices in favor of Sanders' opinion.

Known Participants[]

1st Place - Kaity Sanders[]

Kaity Sanders placed first in the competition. This could mean that the competition was based solely on beauty and not on other typical pageant categories (ie Talent, Q&A)

3rd Place - Sarah Forman[]

Sarah Forman placed third in the competition. It is unknown if she had her orthodontia at the time of the competition. The results remained with her for some time after, so much so that she later decided to change her shirt when Kaity Sanders disproved of it. On her placement: "I hate third!"

Possible Other Participants[]

Faith "Gillz" Gillen[]

Due to her long-standing competition with Sanders and her own attractiveness, it is possible that Faith entered the competition, and fills the second place spot. However, it is more likely that she placed behind Sarah.

Alice Gillen[]

Alice Gillen may have participated in the pageant. However, due to her tendancy to get into accidents, Alice may not have placed, even if she did participate.

Participants That Are Confirmed Not To Have Participated[]

Loca and Vicky Shwartz[]

Either girl moved to Long Island after the competition was over.

Andrew Newton and Bryan Ventura[]

Both characters are male, and thus ineligible. Besides that, Bryan was not around at the time.